Whether you are just beginning to invest in Real Estate or you're a seasoned veteran, you've come to the right place.

This page is packed with tools and information designed to help you make the best decisions possible when investing in Real Estate.

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Done With The Stock Market

I'm Done with the stock market.
I want to invest in Real Estate.
I Want To Buy A Duplex
I Want To Buy A Duplex.
How Do I Do That?

I Bought My 1st Duplex, What Now
I Bought My 1st Duplex. Now What?

I Want To Grow My Portfolio
I want to grow my portfolio.
How do I do that?

Trading Up In a Down Market
Trading Up In a Down Market.
Learn to do what the Pros do.

Steps For Buying a Flip
Steps For Buying a Flip

Rehab Worksheet 
Calculate The Cost Of Your Project 

Steps For Buying A Rental
Steps For Buying A Rental

Opportunity Evaluator
 A Sample To Help You Evaluate Your Investment Like A PRO

WARNING: The helpful tools provided above were created by the author, who developed these tools over a period of 27 years and guided by the experience of creating a portfolio of more than 250 rental units. Investing in Real Estate is an endeavor best pursued with the guidance of a seasoned Real Estate Agent who is familiar with investing in Real Estate. The risks are real and the rewards are too with  the proper education, information and execution of a well thought out plan. Therefore, please email or call so that we can assign the correct Real Estate agent to you and as a result help you reduce risk and increase profit when you invest in Real Estate. We hand pick agents who have been trained by the author ! 

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