I bought my first duplex and want to grow. How do I do that?

By Gary Wilson Broker and Founder of Win Realty Advisors, LLC


I would like to share with this week a philosophy I have developed over the years - slowly at first then much more profoundly as of late. I call it "Dream Big, Think Clearly, Act Boldly".


God bless the dreamers of the world. If not for dreamers we wouldn't have Satelite, High Definition, 3-D, Widescreen television to watch our sports teams on. We wouldn't have 4G cell phones. We wouldn't have Hybrid, Luxury, Sport Sedans. We wouldn't have High Rise Luxury condos. We wouldn't have Luxury Vacation Resorts. And among almost creature comfort we enjoy in this world, for those of us who live in the United States of America, we wouldn't have the freedom to pursue our dreams, practice the religion we want to, speak what's on our mind, go where we want to go , do what we want to do, and be who we want to be. God bless the dreamers of the world because they teach us that we can accomplish anything we our minds too and that we also can be a dreamer. For those of us in the Real Estate Business, we can chose to be independant agents or we can chose to be part of team where the earnings potential is virtually unlimited - if you install and operate the correct systems. If you are in this business and you are a true proffesional and are passionate about what you do then don't just dream but dream big. Don't just assume you are cut out to list and sell single family homes. If you catch a glimpse of a high rise apartment building and you have a sudden inkling that you to can list and sell one just like it then start to dream about it. Think about it and do it. This leads me to the next point.


In order for you to realize your dream, once your dream forms more clearly, you need to begin thinking more clearly. You may realize that you don't know the person or people who can directly help your dreams become reality but you may know someone who does know a person or people who can. You may not know everything you need to know to help make your dream a reality but you can learn. You make not have all of the information you need to make your dream come true but the information exists in the world and is available for you. Seek it and you shall find it. Education and information are not only necessary, they are vital to your making your dream am reality. Education and information will make you more competent and when you are more competent you will be more confident. When you are more confident you will be able to act with confidence. And the final point is this.


If you are going to act then act boldly. You have the right to act boldly. You have an obligation to act boldly. And believe me those in your sphere of influence will respect and admire you for it. They will trust you more and have more confidence in you. This is right for it is your dream you are bringling into reality. It is right for you have thought clearly. You have gained the education and gathered the information. You are a person of action and when you act you act boldly because you believe unquestionably in the realization of your dream. It is a forgone conclusion that your dream is now a reality. It is a natural law and natural laws are unfailing.

My hope is that this will help you see more potential and possibility for yourself. We live in a world of abundance not scarcity. We live in an AND world not an OR world. You build on what you already have not replace it. You are so much more capable of realizing your dreams that the potential boggles the mind. Dream. Dream Big. Then Dream again.


If you enjoy these articles from me please let me know. I appreciate your thoughts and opinions and value what you you have to say."