Instructions for finding a new flip

1. First we will have a telephone conversation to go over goals. At this point you need to have available cash or credit to continue .

2. Send in email to me with your name, email address, and phone number.

3. I will set up your search criteria on the MLS system.

4. Initially you will get an email with a link to the MLS system. The first property matching the search criteria will be shown with a drop down box at bottom left allowing you to scan forward to other listings. You will be receiving the "FULL" listings. This first email will consist of several hundred listings.

5. Next, you will separate the good from the bad. Your objective is to narrow the list down to about 30 properties. You do this by comparing the list price to the market values for the area. The list price should be below the market value. Also, look at the photograph(s) of the property, the lot size, room sizes, and other characteristics of the property. This will take a few passes of the listings. As you narrow the list down also use the county web site for further research. This is a process that you will get better at with experience.

6. The resulting list of 30 or so properties is your drive by list. Now you will drive by the properties to further narrow your search down to 10 to 15 properties.

7. At this point you will email to me the MLS #'s ( in a string separated by commas ) of these 10 to 15 properties. At this point I will review your homework ad narrow the list down further. I will make notes to show you my work. This will typically result in 7 final properties.

8. Now we will schedule an appointment to go see the properties.

9. After viewing the properties you should have a list of 4 or more properties that you will fill out the MAO and cost sheets for. Sometimes you will do this for all the properties.

10. I will review this work and with my help you will decide which properties to make offers on.

11. You will fill out the "Offer to Purchase", make a photocopy of your hand money check, and provide both with your proof of funds to me. I will provide comps to verify your ARV(s).

12. Now we make the offer(s) !